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Any form of plagiarism is strictly prohibited

Plagiarism involves the use of work or idea belonging to another person in an unsolicited and unauthorized manner. Copying text from a source, presenting someone else's work, ideas at one's own expense, etc. are considered plagiarism. The article must be the author's own work or properly credited.


Any element, text, quote or table used in an article must be properly formatted.

Hate speech

The article must not contain hateful or discriminatory content against any particular group.


Articles can be long enough to provide valuable information, but articles longer than 30,000 characters will be rejected.

Advertising and PR

The article should not overly promote the writer's personal brand or company.

Clear and concise

The article should be written clearly and concisely, in a style that attracts the attention of the reader.


All articles identified as spam will be rejected.

Spam articles are articles created to advertise a product, service, or site and provide no valuable information to the reader. These articles often use clickbait headlines and are unrelated to the content.

Grammar and punctuation

You must adhere to proper grammar and punctuation standards when writing an article.

Grammar and punctuation errors greatly affect the clarity and professional appearance of an article. For this reason, all articles should be written with correct grammar and punctuation rules so that the content is clear and easy to read.